Watermelon, Spinach, and Bacon Salad

  Watermelon, Spinach, and Bacon Salad 2014-08-04 12:34:52 Serves 4 Write a review Save Recipe Print Ingredients 2 Tbsp sweet Asian chili sauce 2 Tbsp [...]

Lamb Shanks with Garlic and Herbs in the Slow Cooker

I love cooking this meal and its really easy to prepare, one of my favourite's so wanted to share it with you. Shopping List: Lamb [...]

A Hidden Gem

So tucked away in Manly Vale is a secret place that not even some locals even know its there.....I bump into people who live in the local area and they have [...]

Bicarbonate Soda and it’s many helpful uses

I love finding out ways to clean things that don't involve products with lots of chemicals in it, for one they are not good for the environment and two they [...]

The filming of Bannished at Manly Dam

This year we were lucky to have a chance to explore a movie set that is filming a new seven part series entitled Banished, in our very own hometown at Manly [...]

Love a Good Relaxing Weekend

There is nothing better on the weekend to have no plans and just do whatever you want for two whole days. So one of the advantages of us not having children is [...]

Create a Simple Chinese Lantern

This is a great little project to do with the kids, plus you are recycling your cans. You will need:  Any size or shape of empty drink can Stanley [...]

Keep Bathroom Mirrors Fog Free

Do you ever have that problem especially in winter when you have a hot shower, and when you get out you have to keep wiping the mirrors down to see in them [...]

My Birthday Lunch Celebrations

Funny how fast your Birthday, can come around when you get older, not sure if that's a good thing. The one thing I love is our family birthday lunches. When [...]

Build your own cat scratching wall with a lookout post

Great project to do with the kids. Go to local hardware store (I call them toy shops). Timber Section  Buy your self a piece of 3mm ply, 600 x 1200mm. This [...]