Loving this warm weather!

Can you believe it that it is nearing the end of May and we are still having weather around the mid twenties. I must confess I love it. If I could have summer [...]

The La Luna Exhibition

Energy Producing Art on Australia’s Coast - New Night Sculpture Walk to Illuminate Long Reef Headland This weekend we thought we would go check out the [...]

Handy Tip from our Local Greengrocer

Throughout the year we grow a number of our own vegetables, fruit and herbs, at the moment we are growing our own tomatoes, garlic chives and mandarins. A [...]

Hard to light that BBQ or Fireplace?

Do you ever find yourself out for a BBQ,  picnic or party and it is windy? The matches or lighter keeps blowing out. I don't like it when it takes too long [...]

Mother’s Day Lunch

What a fantastic weekend, was so good to have the sun shining for the whole weekend! And so good to see it stay around for Mother's Day. This year we have a [...]

Protect Your fingers and wall when using a hammer!

Sick of hitting your fingers when trying to hammer a nail into the wall, or missing and marking your paint work? Here is a great solution for you with no more [...]

BBQ Tip from John

Hot BBQ Tip - Help a neighbour clean and check for gas leaks. You will need: Small spray bottle or a mug or cup Dish Washing Liquid Yellow Gas Plumbing [...]

A Sad Week

The past week has been very hard on John and I with the decision to have our gorgeous girl Kira put down. Being the centre of our lives we have both been [...]

Hectic Weekend with our treasured pet

What a weekend! I feel exhausted with just thinking about what I have gone through this weekend. Let me start from the beginning.  Our gorgeous Tabby cat [...]

The Royal Easter Show

Wow after more than 20 years since John and I have been, and visited the Royal Easter Show. Good to see not much has changed from the good old Moore Park [...]