Love a good Bike Ride

Last week I was lucky enough to have my gorgeous hubby buy me a new mountain bike. I did have one but it was a guys mountain bike, and anyone that knows me I am not a tall person, and this bike was really high. I couldn’t even touch the ground when I would hop on it.

The old bike

The old bike

So I didn’t really use it much, actually I think I used it once in like six years. So when I got my new bike that I could actually sit on and reach the ground I was so excited.

My New Bike

My New Bike

So that night John and I went for a bike ride down to the beach, besides the fact I really haven’t ridden a bike in like 23 years, I have never had one with gears and all that fancy stuff. So a bit of practicing will be needed to get use to it.

First attempt was not bad, not good either. Sore butt after the ride and I had sore hands from gripping the handles so tight.

On the weekend we went to the shops to get me new bike seat (with the gel, so my butt doesn’t hurt) and new handlebar grips, plus the essential thing every bike needs a basket.

Then Saturday late afternoon we decided to go for a ride down to Shelley Beach, you are not suppose to ride the footpath from Manly to Shelley Beach unless its between 6pm – 9am weekends, because there is so many people that walk it. So we had good timing and there wasn’t many people to navigate around.

View from Shelley Beach looking at Manly

View from Shelley Beach looking at Manly

Sunday afternoon John thought it would be nice to go for a bike ride to Manly Dam, which isn’t that far from where we live except one massive hill to navigate on the way.  Afterwards I thought that it was way too adventurous and what the hell was I thinking. After being on the bike a total of two times. But of course I didn’t think that at the time and packed our bags and off we went.

After having to walk the bike up 1/2 the hill, because my legs were still sore from the previous afternoon three hour bike ride. We got to the dam and had a rest and relaxed.

Notice the beach towel on the seat, that was cause of my sore bottom, to give it some cushioning.

The rest stop at Manly Dam

The rest stop at Manly Dam

Do you go for bike rides with your partner or family? Where is your favourite place to ride to?

Let us know in the comments below.

  1. I haven’t ridden a bike in years. Good on you for getting out there on your bike. I’ve considered getting one to ride with Mr 5 to school with, much quicker than walking.

    • Go On, give it a go Tegan, I was surprised at how much fun it is, and good exercise. Mr 5 would love riding with you.

  2. I can totally relate to the sore bum thing. My bum bones are so pointy! I only really like cycling in the flat, I end up walking up hills. We once rented these dodgy old bikes in Cuba and cycled to a resort. It was much further than we expected and my bum was so sore on the way back I just couldn’t hack it! It was like I was being stabbed with two knives. The next day I had two massive round bruises under my sit bones!

    • You would be surprised Erica it’s been well over 20 years for me besides the spin bike at the Gym. You should give it a go.

  3. I don’t currently have a bike, though it is near the top of my wish list once we have a bigger place. Right now there is no protected place to store a bike so it’s probably for the best.

    I do love biking when I’m at my parents, I can steal one of their bikes.

    • I’m really enjoying getting back into riding, totally understand the storage issue at the moment mine is in the loungeroom.

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