A Sad Week

The past week has been very hard on John and I with the decision to have our gorgeous girl Kira put down. Being the centre of our lives we have both been devastated.

Wed, Thurs, last week John and I tried everything possible to try and get Kira to eat food, she was not interested at all which is so unlike her, usually she would hear you near the kitchen and she would be meowing for some food. Her dinners would be gobbled down in less than five minutes, so I knew straight away it wasn’t a good sign. She had been going off her biscuits for weeks, and I though she was just being fussy.

She didn’t have her usually bounce in her step and she was finding it hard to get comfortable when she would go to lie down. I knew first thing that Friday I would be ringing her vet. So Friday morning first thing I rang Linda at our Vets, she was really concerned and mentioned that we may have to put her down, we organise to go visit her at midday. All that morning I spent cuddling Kira and giving her lots of love, when midday came around we popped Kira in her cage and drove to the Vets.

Unfortunately the news was not good, and John and I had to make the heartbreaking decision to say goodbye to her, though we both know it was the best thing for Kira it doesn’t make it any easier. We have both lost pets before but this was so different. I remember walking out of the vet and not being able to breath, thank god for John or I would have collapsed.

Now its the hard part where everything in our place reminds me of Kira, to the point where you go to clean the kitty litter or feed her, just not having her follow me everywhere and sleeping with me or waking me up by standing on my head for her morning biscuits is strange. I miss her so much, and I know that only time will heal the pain.



We still need to pack up her toys etc, but I am not ready to do that just yet, maybe in another week or so. I already know I want to keep a few of her favourite toys for memories.

RIP Kira Girl, you will be forever in our hearts.


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