Anniversary Dinner

Last Tuesday was our 9 year wedding anniversary, I woke up and wished John a happy anniversary and off to work I went. I didn’t really bother with gifts or a card as really we don’t need to waste money, and hey I am a present all in itself (haha)

I finished work and was planning on cooking us some dinner, being a week night didn’t plan on going out anywhere! But to my surprise I walked in the door when I got home and these were sitting on the kitchen bench. (FYI Yellow is my favourite colour)


I was told by John to get ready we were going out for dinner. Not giving me any clues to where we were going. So off I went to freshen up and get myself organised. John told me to phone  a cab to Manly which I did, with me trying to guess where he was taking me.

On the way there in the cab, John said we were going to go to Maccas or get a pizza and sit on the wharf to eat, may I add it was pouring with rain so the chances of me doing that was zero. We arrived in Manly and I was like a puppy dog following John hoping that the Macca’s suggestion was not serious.

Lucky for me it wasn’t we rocked up to Criniti’s,  John had made a reservation. I love this restaurant, Italian food is one of my favourites. Such a classy restaurant.


The menu was massive, like I mean I couldn’t read it on the table cause it was that large. check out the menu here 


So many choices available,

I ordered the pollo e funghi Gluten Free chicken, mushrooms, shallots, cream & white wine

John ordered the tenderloin (250g) Gluten Free 120 day grain fed hereford black angus

image9        image10

They were massive meals I didn’t even get 1/2 way through before I was full.

The service was fantastic and really quick. Really friendly staff. And the Pizza’s OMG we didn’t order any but the table next to us ordered a three metre long pizza it was massive, and looked delicious. Such a fantastic idea to go out with a group of friends or family for a celebration. Even the breakfast menu looks appetizing.

John was entertained with the motorbikes they had on display, he kept telling out waiter that he was going to ride one home.


It was a fantastic evening and even better that it was a surprise and I didn’t know John had planned it, and for all those Nutella fans out there check out this display they had in the restaurant.



Do you have a favourite restaurant you love going to for special occasions? Have you ever been surprised by a love one on a anniversary? Let us know in the comments below.


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