BBQ Tip from John

Hot BBQ Tip – Help a neighbour clean and check for gas leaks.

You will need:

  • Small spray bottle or a mug or cup
  • Dish Washing Liquid
  • Yellow Gas Plumbing Tape


  • Use one teaspoon dish washing liquid and mix with water
  • Place mixture to a spray bottle (cup or mug)
  • Spray or lather soap suds around gas connections and gas hose
  • If you see bubbles, that is a leak.
  • Use yellow gas plumbing tape and check if the o’ring is on the connection (You can get the yellow gas plumbing tape from a hardware store)


IMPORTANT: Replace hose if there is a leak, don’t try too repair.

EXTRA TIP: Ready to clean grill plates. Heat up & scrub with wire brush, let cool & wipe down with oil. Oil plates both sides during winter, this will avoid rust if not being used. A bit of oil on hose can help as well from cracking.

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