Bicarbonate Soda and it’s many helpful uses

I love finding out ways to clean things that don’t involve products with lots of chemicals in it, for one they are not good for the environment and two they cost a fortune, so I have some great ideas to share using the most common product we have in our pantry Bi Carbonate Soda.

Clean your Refrigerator

One green apple inside a fridge

To get rid of smells and dried up spills inside your fridge, remove all the contents, then sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda on a damp sponge and scrub the sides, shelves and compartments.

Rinse with a clean, wet sponge, don’t forget to place a fresh box of bicarb inside afterwards.

Clean your Microwave


I love this one!

So quick and easy and it really works.

To clean those splatters off the inside of your microwave put a solution of 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate soda in 1 cup of water in a microwave safe container and cook on High for 2 to 3 minutes.


Remove the container from the microwave and then wipe down the moist interior with a damp paper towel.

Removing Coffee and Tea Stains from China


Don’t let those annoying coffee or tea stains on your good china spoil another occasion.

Remove the stains by dipping a moist cloth in bicarbonate soda to form a stiff paste an gently rubbing your cups and saucers.

Rinse clean and then dry.

Freshen a sponge or towel


Do you ever find your kitchen sponge or tea towel gets that distinctly sour smell.

Soak it overnight in 2 tablespoons of bicarb soda and a couple of drops of antibacterial dish washing liquid dissolved in 500ml of warm water.

The following morning, squeeze out the remaining solution and rinse with cold water.

It should smell as good as new!

Clear a blocked drain

blocked sink leeds

Most kitchen drains can be unclogged by pouring in 1 cup of bicarb soda followed by 1 cup of hot vinegar (heat it in the microwave for 1 minute).

Give it several minutes to work, then add 1 litre of boiling water. Repeat if necessary.

If you know your drain is blocked with grease, use 1/2 cup each of bicarb and salt followed by 1 cup of boiling water. Let the mixture work overnight, then rinse with hot tap water in the morning.

Make your own dishwasher detergent


The dishwasher is fully loaded when you discover that you’re out  of your usual powdered dish-washing detergent .

What do you do?

Make your own by combining 2 tablespoons of bicarb soda with 2 tablespoons of borax. You will be so pleased with the results you may switch for good.

Deodorise your Dishwasher


Eliminate odours inside your dishwasher by sprinkling 1/2 cup of bicarbonate soda on the bottom of the dishwasher between loads. Or pour in 1/2 a box and run the empty machine through it’s rinse cycle.

Shine up stainless steel and chrome


To put the shine back in your stainless steel sink, sprinkle it with bicarbonate of soda, then give it a rubdown, moving in the direction of the grain – with a moist cloth.

To polish dull chrome trim on your appliances, pour a bit of bicarbonate of soda onto a damp sponge and rub over the chrome. Let it dry for an hour or so, then wipe down with warm water and dry with a clean cloth!


Have you got any helpful tips to share when it comes to bicarbonate soda or cleaning tips??

Share let us know in the comments.


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