Brunch and Snorkel

Amazing at how the weekends just zip by so fast one minute you are excited its the weekend and before you know it it’s Sunday night and you are dreading having to go back to work already.

The past weekend I had a great Saturday catching up with BrierlyRaw a fellow blogger and good friend of mine. We planned the week before to catch up and go for a snorkel together down at Shelly Beach.

So Friday Night I got myself organised and packed beach towel, suncream, and snorkel gear, put some water in the freezer as it was going to be a hot one!

Saturday arrived and I had decided to walk down to Manly to meet BrierlyRaw at the ferry terminal, was hoping for a lift from the hubby but that didn’t happen. So ditched the beach umbrella and the flippers cause I hate carrying lots of stuff especially since it a 20min walk from our place.

Met BrierlyRaw at Manly Wharf and decided to go have a quick bite before we hit the beach, mainly because I was starving and had only eaten some grapes before I left. So a quick walk around Manly and we decided to try out Market Lane Cafe.



1459860_175564225976762_1578265175_nA very short menu but covers a lot of variety, I ended up ordering a fruit frappe and a poached egg on sour dough. The juice was very raspberry flavour but was nice and refreshing on a 36 degree day!

IMG_3209 IMG_3195So after our brunch we headed past Manly Beach for a walk over to Shelly to start our snorkeling session. I feel so lucky to live near such a beautiful place. Being a hot day Manly was packed with people.


So about a 10 min walk and we hit Shelly Beach, found a location to put our bags and got our gear ready.

How many of you have gone to the beach on a hot day and the sand is so hot it burns your feet, well it was one of those days so we had to do the sprint down the beach as fast as we could.

BrierlyRaw had brought her gopro so we could catch those fishy’s in action.

This time we snorkeled we headed around Fairy Bower, which was really good heaps of fish to check out all different sizes and colours, loads of other snorkelers you had to make sure not to bump into each other.


It’s funny when you are doing something you enjoy you don’t notice how much time has gone by.  We both started getting sore legs and arms and decided it was time to head back in. It wasn’t till we both tried to walk out of the water that your legs feel all heavy and you look like you’re a drunk trying to walk up the beach.   We had been out there for 2 hours, no wonder we were starting to feel it.


Here is my short video I took when we were drying off and resting in the sunshine, (not the best videographer, mind the finger that seems to make an appearance.)



So thank you to BrierlyRaw  for sharing another fantastic day with me, I look forward to our next adventure!

You can follow BrierlyRaw  on Facebook or on utube.



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