Hectic Weekend with our treasured pet

What a weekend! I feel exhausted with just thinking about what I have gone through this weekend.


Let me start from the beginning.  Our gorgeous Tabby cat Kira has not been well, she is 13 years old, she had stopped eating her biscuits the past couple of weeks, I thought she was just being her fussy self, so tried her on a different brand (pet shop brand of course, no cheap supermarket brand for her, she won’t touch them). Still nothing, she would sniff them and then walk away. She was still eating her tin food at night. The past 12 months Kira has been losing weight and looking really thin, last time I took her to the vet they said it can sometimes happen with age. So I increased her food to see if that would help still nothing.

Then last week, we noticed her breathing was really bad, she was struggling.

Saturday I took her to our Vet, where she has been going for the past 13 years, straight away the vet was worried about her and wanted to do blood tests and xrays so we could find out what the problem was. Cause she was having troubles breathing we weren’t sure if she would even make it through the test, so they put her in an oxygen room so she could breath a bit better before testing her. I of course was a mess, so lucky John was with me, I wouldn’t of coped on my own.

So we left Kira at the vet and went home to wait for the vet to call with results. I couldn’t drive was way to emotional, so John took control and drove home and made sure I was alright while we waited. Finally the vet called to give us the results, she had 160ml fluids drained from her lungs. She’s been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism so on medication which she needs to be on for the rest of her life. Just have to watch her the next few days and see how she goes.

Now the hard bit is having to give her tablets twice a day for the rest of her life……

I was worrying about this the whole Saturday night, while John sat up most the night watching her, then I took over about 3:30am.

Then Sunday morning I attempted to give Kira her tablets, now this was impossible she was clenching her jaw so tight so I could not open it at all. I started to worry if I can’t give her the tablets the first morning how the hell am I going to be able to do it twice a day for the rest of her life.

So off to the Vet we went again as I new she had to have her tablets, the wonderful staff at Allambie Vet Clinic I can not praise them enough, they really care about the animals welfare. Luckily I had an alternative, some cream I could rub into her ear and some drops, which will make my life so much easier. She is due for her check up on Tuesday so hopefully all will be good.

Sam x


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