Love a Good Catch up

There is nothing better than catching up with a good friend! It doesn’t matter how much time there is between meetings, you can just pick up where you left off. On Saturday I had planned to catch up with my girlfriend, we had planned to chill out on the beach go for a swim and just hang out. After such a warm sunny week I thought it would be the perfect plan………

Except wake up Saturday morning and there was grey clouds the temp was only 22 degrees (like it was 38 degrees on the Friday) – so not really the swim and beach weather you are hoping for. I even packed my bag a number of times trying to decide whether to take a towel, rash vest eventually I just packed it all.

Neverless I was very excited to have a catch-up with my girlfriend cause it had been way too long, we had organised to catch up in Manly, so nice and close to home and I could just walk down there to meet her.

We decided to check out the markets that were on at the primary school, heaps of stalls from candles to jewellery all the normal things you have at the local markets.

We decided to have a bite to eat at In-Situ Manly, we sat out in the courtyard, which had a great atmosphere.

Outside shot


The service was really good I ordered the Poached eggs on toast with some bacon and grilled tomato on the side and a cleansing fruit juice, it was delicious, my girlfriend ordered the Veggie Burger and said it was fantastic. So I would highly recommend you go try out the lunch and breaky menus if you are in the area. The cost was reasonable and they do the breakfast menu till 3pm, for all those that like sleeping in.

After our leisurely lunch we went for a walk and came across this interesting artwork, love this such a great idea, and the whole concept is actually really interesting.  To read more you can check out their website:





Some of the things people had written was really funny, but it makes you think of all the things you want to do or achieve in your own lifetime. Time to make my own list!

They also had the World Championship Beach Volleyball competition happening on Manly Beach , but we did notice that the guys were playing with their t-shirts on – what is with that shouldn’t they be shirtless??


Check out that weather no swimming for us that was for sure. Our afternoon had come to an end so I walked my girlfriend to the ferry terminal and said our farewells till next time.

Below is a photo my girlfriend took on her way home, think we just made it home before the rain started.


What would you write on your list of 100 things to do? let us know in the comments below!


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