Love a Good Relaxing Weekend

There is nothing better on the weekend to have no plans and just do whatever you want for two whole days. So one of the advantages of us not having children is SLEEP INS, not having kids sports or parties to go to. So Hello FREE weekend!

Living so close to the beach is one of the things I value most, I have always said that I could never live anywhere where their was no ocean and sand. You know when you go somewhere to clear your head or mind well the beach is my place to go!

Beach view 2

One of the things I love doing on the weekends is grabbing some Fish n Chips for lunch and eating them on the beach, now there is heaps of choice down in Manly on where you can buy your seafood lunch I would never go past the Sydney Fish Market in Manly.

Manly Fish Market

Always has fresh seafood and can order in what ever you want, they just need 24 hours notice. What service. They also have an awesome restaurant next store. But John and I like the takeaway and chilling out on the beach while we eat.

Street view

So we ordered some Flathead in beer batter and chips to share with of course some tartar sauce (can’t have it without the tartar sauce).


The one down fall with our gorgeous location is those damn Seagulls, and not only do they hover over you and have individual arguments amongst themselves, but its like they send a message out to invite every other seagull to come join them.


Chances of having a peaceful lunch are very small. We generally don’t feed them, cause once you start this small crowds of seagulls will grow to thousands (maybe a slight overreaction or maybe not).

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Do you have a favourite place you like to go and think? Let us know in the comments below?


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