My 20 year High School Reunion

I can’t even believe its been 20 years since I finished High School, wow where did those years go? No seriously where did they go?

Twelve months ago I started planning our High School Reunion with one of my oldest friends, we checked out venues and pretty much was sold when we saw Sable in Manly. Was a gorgeous little venue with really good vibe and atmosphere overlooking Manly Beach.


The balcony view of Manly Beach


Inside the venue


Inside the venue

See I told you from the pictures was a really nice venue to have our reunion. So off we went and designed the invitations created a facebook group and gave everyone plenty of notice for the date. Once it started getting closer to the event a few months out an article in the local paper got my attention.

Manly DailySable article

I called the venue the next day to investigate what was happening, they advised that nothing would be renovated till after the reunion. So I didn’t need to worry about it, yay – well thats what I thought!

Closer to the actual event I received a phone call from the venue, yep that call I was not happy to get to advise me that the venue was going to be closed down to be renovated. So off we went to relook at other options they could make available to us. It all worked out and we were moved to one of their function rooms.

Finally the date came around and it was time to go to the reunion, I of course turned up early to make sure everything was set up correctly. Lucky I did cause they had set it all up in the function room instead of the balcony which we had agreed on, but soon enough they moved it all so it was laid out the way we had wanted.

photo 1

Set up on the Balcony

photo 4

View looking out to the beach front at Manly

It ended up being a great night was really good to catch up with old friends. Most people really hadn’t changed at all. Most people were married with kids, but not all. We played the 90’s music in the background which helped everyone reminisce about the past.  Of Course we still had that one person that didn’t seem to handle their alcohol to well and was the rowdy one at the party that smashes the glasses, falls all over everything and then by the end of the night is refused service. Maybe their partner let them of the leash for the night and they decided to go wild (that was my guess).

I did have to laugh at the fact that the venue also got the time wrong and instead of finishing at 12.00pm they thought they finished at 9.00pm and started closing the bar (WTF) even the sign was wrong at the front. Like I know we are getting older but I am sure we can all still make it past midnight.


I obviously put a fix to that and made sure the Bar stayed open till midnight.

Have you been to your High School Reunions, have you any funny stories to tell? Share with us in the comments, we would love to hear.

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