My Birthday Lunch Celebrations

Funny how fast your Birthday, can come around when you get older, not sure if that’s a good thing. The one thing I love is our family birthday lunches. When ever it’s one of our birthday’s we all come together and have a nice lunch, great chance to catch up with all the family. Now when it come for me to pick the location I did a little research. We always go to the same place for my birthday so I wanted to mix it up a bit and try something new.

Introducing the Fish Cafe at Balgowlah


After reading really good reviews on this restaurant, it was recently voted the Best Seafood Restaurant in Sydney in the bi-annual Seafood Excellence awards. So I was very excited to try the menu and enjoy a nice meal out with the family. The chef Julian Halfacre (ex Jonah’s and Rockpool) was heading up the kitchen.


For entree I had to try the Oysters Kilpatrick, they had an overload of bacon on top, they were nice but I have had better.


For my main meal I had picked the Grilled Snapper with chips and salad, and it was delicious, and all my guests really seemed to enjoy their meals of choice. I have to say the wine we drank over lunch was so yummy! I would highly recommend it. (Mintaro, Clare Valley SA,  2010, Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz)


Then it was onto dessert, I myself am not a dessert fan (I know, I am crazy, don’t eat cakes, chocolates or anything sweet). But my nephew went all out and tried the White Chocolate Brulee, my dad was hoping to finish it off expecting that my nephew would not eat it all, but was he mistaken, my Nephew gobbled it up and before we knew it, it was gone! (Dad was very disappointed)

creme boule

So all in all was a great place for lunch and the wonderful waitress we had was fantastic, really good service. I felt nice and spoilt receiving lots of nice pressies from the family, some money (I want to buy a new surfboard), scented candles, chocolates + more chocolates (John will take these of my hands) and a gorgeous Orchid.


Do you have a favourite restaurant you like to celebrate your Birthday, let us know in the comments below?

Sam xx

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