One of Our Favourite Places to Eat

Wow Monday already, where does the weekend go? it always seems to fly by really fast for me.

Yesterday I was lucky enough for John to take me out to dinner to one of my favourite places – yep – favourite places! We haven’t really been to our favourite restaurant in months so was so exited to be going. So where is it you ask?

Harbord Beach Hotel (Harbord Hilton – for the locals). Only 100 metres from Freshwater Beach. Walking distance from where we live (added bonus).


It’s always so much nicer to go out have someone else cook and clean up and you get to just sit and enjoy the experience. Don’t you think meals always taste so much better when you don’t have to cook and clean.

The vibe is really good, they have a band playing on Sunday arvo’s which is just easy listening music to relax and have a few drinks. They have an outdoor area which is really nice to sit on a nice summer day, this now has a cover over the top so you can sit out there all year round. Also good area to sit if you are taking the kids along for a meal!

Also in winter they have a fireplace inside, which is always nice and cosy on a cold winter day!

Menu counter

Check out the Menu:

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Ok so what did I order??? Oysters Kilpatrick for entree which I shared with John, then for main I ate the Beer Battered Perch with salad and chips. John of course ordered a steak.

I love the food really good quality and the seafood is always so fresh.  Not the cheapest menu but well worth the money. The service is great and the staff really friendly! Which makes all the difference in enjoying an evening out. If you love seafood try the seafood platter it always comes out of the kitchen looking like a piece or art. (Amazing)

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I would recommend you may want to book yourself a table if its a weekend as they can get really busy.

Do you have a favourite restaurant? How often do you visit it? Let us know in the comments below.

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