Raining Cats & Dogs

OMG have you seen the weather reports of Sydney weather, it is crazy. Laying in bed last night all I could hear was the wind howling and the rain hitting the [...]

The Bridge Climb Part 2

Finally the day has arrived to do the Sampler Bridge Climb on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, I was so excited when I found out I had won the prize. If you haven't [...]

Anniversary Dinner

Last Tuesday was our 9 year wedding anniversary, I woke up and wished John a happy anniversary and off to work I went. I didn't really bother with gifts or a [...]

The BridgeClimb Part One

I was so excited about heading into the city and doing the Harbour BridgeClimb for days leading up to it. I booked it to celebrate our 9th wedding [...]

The Never Ending Hair Issue

Have you ever had your partner complaining about your hair being everywhere. I have no idea how it happens. For some apparent reason it seems to be the [...]

Your Name

I love these little apps they bring out that tells you everything you ever needed to know. Find Out what your names hidden meaning is by clicking [...]

Love a good Bike Ride

Last week I was lucky enough to have my gorgeous hubby buy me a new mountain bike. I did have one but it was a guys mountain bike, and anyone that knows me I [...]

One of Our Favourite Places to Eat

Wow Monday already, where does the weekend go? it always seems to fly by really fast for me. Yesterday I was lucky enough for John to take me out to dinner [...]

Happy Australia Day

I know I am a little bit behind the eight ball on this one, but its been a hectic week with a short week back at work last week so I just haven't had a chance [...]

Brunch and Snorkel

Amazing at how the weekends just zip by so fast one minute you are excited its the weekend and before you know it it's Sunday night and you are dreading having [...]