Protect Your fingers and wall when using a hammer!

Sick of hitting your fingers when trying to hammer a nail into the wall, or missing and marking your paint work?

Here is a great solution for you with no more sore fingers:

  • Cut off some cardboard of a box (wine or packing box as this is thicker), the cardboard compresses if you miss and won’t damage plaster or paint.
  • Cut out a piece to the size 200mm x 200mm


  • Fold in half along rib line of cardboard, you can use some cello tape to hold fold if needed.


  • Now you have a piece 100mm x 200mm.
  • Grab your nail,  pen and tape measure, mark a point on cardboard 50mm from top & 50 mm side.


  • Push the nail through the mark you made with approx 10mm showing .
  • Ready to nail into wall, line up nail point with mark on wall & hammer nail or hook in.
  • Just tear the cardboard off & ready to go.

TIP: You can also do this with furniture (tables, chairs , bed frames ect)

c ya


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