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OMG have you seen the weather reports of Sydney weather, it is crazy. Laying in bed last night all I could hear was the wind howling and the rain hitting the window. I mean I love a good storm and actually usually find it easier to sleep listening to the rain, but not last night.

Because we live in a block of units I could hear things being blown around all the Neighbours balcony’s, this morning it looked like a bomb had hit the area.

Trees are down everywhere, power out and flooding, great start to the morning. You know when you sit there looking outside and thinking I do not want to go out there, well that was me this morning.

I heard them say on the news that it was a category two storm, and that the Northern Beaches was one of the worst hit areas. There are 22 traffic lights not working, you have to feel for the Police and SES on days like today!

Fallen tree on power lines at Kitchener St, Balgowlah. Picture: Steven Deare

Roads are closed everywhere due to the storm and the problem with the Northern Beaches is there is only a few roads you can use to get out of the area.

I mean look at Narrabeen lakes

I made it to work but now I am thinking about the return trip and I have to go out after work, it feels like one of those days you want to be at home under the doona watching a movie. So safe travels to all those affected by this storm. We all need to have a little patience when on the roads and take it easy!

The clean up will take a couple of weeks, the aftermath of the storm at Manly Beach. Trees are still down everywhere and some homes are still without water and electricity.

Manly Beach the Volleyball nets

Manly Beach the Volleyball nets

The Manly Dam also hit it’s peak and for the first time ever since I have been alive, it has overflowed. Lucky for us we are not in a low living area so we were not affected, but trying to drive around the area is insane, so much water.

Manly Dam Overflow

Manly Dam Overflow  Picture: John Grainger

Manly Dam reserve is underwater. Picture: John Grainger

Manly Dam reserve is underwater. Picture: John Grainger

There was even some fake photos going around which seemed to trick some people, check these out:

What do you love or hate about a storm?


    • I’m just glad the rain has stopped finally, now it’s just the clean up. I feel more for the Maitland region that looked devastating x

    • I agree nothing better than laying in bed at night and listening to the rain! Just not as much as we had with just under 200 mm in 24 hours and cyclonic winds!

    • Thanks Sherry, the worst is over now! It was really good to see how the community pulled together to help each other 🙂

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