Snorkeling at Shelly Beach

I have to say I LOVE snorkeling, one of my favourite activities to do when I have spare time.

One of my favourite places to snorkel is Shelley Beach


Shelly Beach


Just down the road from where I live.

It’s adjacent to North Head and Fairy Bower.

FACT: Shelly Beach is the only west facing beach on the eastern coast of Australia (now that is an interesting fact).

Shelly Beach is protected from the ocean swell by the reef that lies on the right hand side of the beach, Shelly Beach is a protected marine reserve since it is part of Cabbage Tree bay.

I have snorkeled here a number of times well more than a number, but love it, so much to see and such a large area you can cover, whilst still feeling safe. Great for kids as well, even if they are just learning.

I took my nephew Mr11 for a day adventure down to Shelly our 1st snorkel expedition together,last year, he was so excited. As soon as we arrived Mr11 wanted to get straight in the water and start snorkelling, of course me being the fantastic Auntie that I am made sure he was fully covered in Sunscreen first. I have to say to was fun until Mr11 got freaked out by all the seaweed and no longer wanted to snorkel. Have some work to do there lol


Map of Shelly Beach Snorkelling Area

As you can see from the map above heaps of areas to snorkel and check out, even an old Motorcycle that has been left in the water, so if you plan on going down there for an adventure you now know where to look.


And its actually good exercise, last time I went snorkelling was with some girlfriends, we were out in the water for a few hours and by the time we decided to head back in was when you realise how much you are using the muscles in your arms and legs, walking up the beach was not the same as walking down it that is for sure, and of course I don’t drive to the beach I walk so extra effort for me to get home that day.


Don’t you think that the mask look so attractive, such a great look, maybe there should be some more fashionable snorkel sets.

I came across this video online which shows you underwater at Shelly Beach:

Have you got a favourite place you love to snorkel or can recommend? let us know in the comments below?

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