Spring is in the Air

There is nothing better than this time of year, with the sun shining and the birds tweeting! I love going for walks and smelling all the different flower scents.


One of my favourite scents is Jasmine, nothing like Spring and Summer than the smell of Jasmine in the air. With only a week and half away till the Labour Day long weekend and then daylight saving starts.

Who doesn’t like daylight saving? How could you not like it with extra daylight in the day, it makes you feel like you can actually achieve more in your day. I am so excited I can not wait.

I plan on going on my runs every couple of days and hit the surf and make sure I am surfing every week.

Need to get back in shape for summer.Fruit-Salad

  • Warmer weather
  • More daylight in the day
  • Fruits and salads
  • Scent of flowers in the air
  • BBQ’s
  • Picnics
  • Days at the beach
  • Bushwalking
  • Soaking up the sun rays
  • going for a bike ride

What do you love about Spring? Let us know in the comments below?






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