Whitewater Restaurant

Saturday night I had plans to go out for dinner with my Sister Nic to Whitewater Restaurant. We have never really had the chance to have a dinner just the two [...]

Anniversary Dinner

Last Tuesday was our 9 year wedding anniversary, I woke up and wished John a happy anniversary and off to work I went. I didn't really bother with gifts or a [...]

Brunch and Snorkel

Amazing at how the weekends just zip by so fast one minute you are excited its the weekend and before you know it it's Sunday night and you are dreading having [...]

Love a Good Catch up

There is nothing better than catching up with a good friend! It doesn't matter how much time there is between meetings, you can just pick up where you left [...]

Snorkeling at Shelly Beach

I have to say I LOVE snorkeling, one of my favourite activities to do when I have spare time. One of my favourite places to snorkel is Shelley [...]

Love a Good Relaxing Weekend

There is nothing better on the weekend to have no plans and just do whatever you want for two whole days. So one of the advantages of us not having children is [...]