The Blue Mountains

Have you ever been to the Blue Mountains?


I’ve only been a couple of times but have never been with the hubby, so we decided to take a few days away and check it out together.

I went online as I always do to try and find a cheap deal, I hate paying full price when you don’t have to.

I finally found somewhere that sounded really good and booked online.

So we headed of to the Blue Mountains and because it was still Winter when we went it was freezing, well compared to Sydney it was.

We arrived at The Fairmont Resort in Leura, it was huge, and the view from the main lobby of the Blue Mountains was to die for.


I had booked a room that was to have a balcony or a courtyard, we were given our room key to the room so I went with the concierge while John parked the truck. I noticed a few things while I was looking around our tiny bedroom and courtyard.

The gate on the courtyard was falling off and had big nails all sticking out (hazard) the actual courtyard was next to all the maintenance area, so we had rubbish and crap all around us and workman yelling out. Then the lamp didn’t work properly and was leaning against the actual wall to stay up. The shower head was broken. Great start to our getaway.

We contacted reception and advised how we were not very impressed with the room and the location. They came back to us with a new room for us to locate to.

The new room was a lot better the view was a lot better than what we had and the location was 100% better. We did need to get the phone replaced as the one in the room didn’t work, but that was nothing.

We settled in and unpacked and decided to check out our options for dinner. Well weren’t we surprised. When I booked the resort it was cause I saw it had 5 different places to eat, I thought great options and they are all where we are staying. Boy was I wrong, so wrong. Apparently not all the restaurants open all the time. SO the restaurant that was open, we asked if we could book, but they were so busy that the earliest booking we would be able to get would be at 8:30-9pm. We were starving, we were told we could order room service and that should be quicker.

So we ordered room service, and to be honest wasn’t really that appealing and not something I would order again.

The next day we went for a drive to Jenolan Caves, I hadn’t been there before, John had when he was younger. We had decided to do some 4WD on the way through the National Park. When we arrived it was so busy with tourists, we couldn’t even book a tour cause they were all booked out. Take note: PreBook before you go! I should of done that. We still had a walk around and a look before heading back to Leura.

That night we decided to eat at the Golf Course as the menu seemed really good and usually a golf course has good food RIGHT?

Well were we wrong. After waiting over an hour for our meals, Johns steak was like cardboard, he ordered a rump steak and was served a T-Bone. I had been watching the chef cook while we were waiting and he had steaks sitting under the head lamp for 30 min and then would serve it up to customers. We complained and the chef wasn’t interested told us to tell the barmaid. We were not the only people complaining, about 5 other people also complained about the food being horrible. The poor girl working behind the bar had to sort out all the customers, we ended up getting our money back, but we still hadn’t had anything to eat. John ended up heading into town to get a toaster so we could have some toast for dinner.

On our last day we did some more sightseeing, checking out some of the lookouts, it makes you appreciate how lucky we are to have such great National Parks and being able to explore them on foot.

We are both looking forward to coming back to the Blue Mountains, but I won’t be booking at the Fairmont Resort next time.

Have you been to the Blue Mountains? Any good recommendations on accommodation? Let us know in the comments below?

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