The Bridge Climb Part 2

Finally the day has arrived to do the Sampler Bridge Climb on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, I was so excited when I found out I had won the prize. If you haven’t already have a read Part 1 post click here.

On Sunday I woke up all ready to face my fear, I didn’t seem as nervous as I had felt a few weeks earlier when we were planning to do the climb but the doubts and nervousness was still there. I was so glad to see the Sun was out and shining as it had been pouring for rain all week and as much as I knew we were doing the climb rain hail or shine I was really hoping for the sunshine.

So off John and I went to catch a bus to the city and start our adventure for the day! This time we knew where we were going so no stress was involved.

We needed to arrive about 15 min early to check in, so we had a quick bite to eat and then walked around to our destination.

IMG_3403When we arrived we checked in at the reservation desk and received our tickets. We were then greeted by John the Duty manager, he came out and greeted us both and made both of us feel so welcome and comfortable.


The good thing about the Sampler bridgeclimb is that it gives you that taste of the bridgeclimb, in just 1½ hours, you don’t do the full bridgeclimb you climb to the inner arch of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge to a spectacular vantage point halfway to the top.

Sampler Route

Image thanks to @BridgeClimb

We walked up the stairs and waited for our group to be called, we all entered a room and had to fill out a form and do a breath test, this time a pass for both of us so we were good to go! We put on our bridgeclimb jumpsuits and then were led out to put our valuables in a locker. We then all had to walk through a metal detector before making our way to the pre-climb prep area.

In the pre-climb area we are shown how to put the harness on and given directions from Tom our Bridge Guide, I advised Tom how I hated heights and he reassured me it would all be alright and to stay at the front of the group. I didn’t want to go first so I had John go first and I went second.

We started our adventure and was walking out from the climb base onto the catwalks, pass the first pylon. I could feel the nerves starting to kick in I mean I am not a fan of walking up high and seeing gaps in the ground I am walking on. The start of the climb was actually the scariest for me, I was alright if I was looking out at the view but as soon as I saw underneath the Bradfield Hway and the cars zooming along, I would slightly freak out. But we were harnessed on and there was no way I could fall.


Once we got passed the pylon the gaps didn’t seem so bad and our walk up the inner arch began. Can you see my smile hiding my nerves as I am climbing the steps. Look at those gaps in the stairs!! (it really wasn’t that bad)


Tom stopped a number of times throughout the climb to gives us some history and stories as well as advising us how high we were, then we reached the halfway point. I must admit even when we were walking across the half way point I wasn’t as scared as I had anticipated. We all stopped for a group photo and couple’s photo.


Such a gorgeous view of Sydney Harbour, with the Opera House in the background, definitely an experience I will never forget.


I actually found the way back better cause you are climbing down, there was a few tricky corners and I had told Tom they need to have more railings to hold onto (yes, I am one of those people that have to hold onto the rails when up high). I finally made it to the end and it really was a great experience.

I was proud of myself to face my fear and achieve something I have wanted to do for years.  I would highly recommend the Sampler BridgeClimb for those that are scared of heights, it’s not as long or as high as the actual BridgeClimb but you still get that experience and opportunity to take all the lovely sights our Harbour has to offer, and is also reasonably priced.


I would like to thank our Bridge Guide Tom he was very encouraging and always checking to make sure I was alright. John loved it so much he wants to do the full BridgeClimb to the top, It may take some more encouragement for him to convince me, but I am not saying no. Tom suggested we may want to start with the night climb as there is less chance of seeing the gaps and freaking me out!

Below is a video showing the BridgeClimb Sampler:

So when I win the lottery next we may look at booking the night climb to see if I really have confronted my fears!

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Have you got a fear at all, would you climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

    • It was worth it for the view, and also not as high as the full bridge climb I promise if I can do it you could do it

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