The Drone – Our New Toy

A couple of months ago John bought the new Parrot AirDrone 2.0, this was on the basis that I get a new surfboard! (which I am still waiting on, may I add). For the past few weeks we have planned to take it out so John could practice and get used to flying it, as our two bedroom unit really isn’t the training ground for it, but with the weather the past few weekend being windy, we have had to put it off until now!

Now Sunday wasn’t exactly wind free but we both thought it was time to give it a go! Gorgeous Sunny day, and was warm which was nice for the middle of Winter. We decided to 1st check out the local ovals, these were all packed with sports teams, our next stop was Manly Dam.


John Setting up the Drone

John thought it would be a good idea to head to the top of the Dam near the Warringah Golf Course so we could try and get some nice footage of Manly Dam. Below is where we started our Drone Training.

It was a small clearing above the golf course, but you can see the dam. Before too long we realised where we were, was actually quite windy, well this may have been after John ended down a cliff and up a tree to save the Drone.

We left the Dam and headed towards a small park around the corner from where we live. We thought we would be a bit more sheltered from the wind, but as we are between the industrial area and Golf Course there was still a lot of wind, which makes it hard to fly. There were kids in the park and they all got really excited and started chasing the Drone around, great way to tire out the kids.


John and the Drone at Manly West Park

Now for the real  video of the Drone Footage- Check out the below:

You just wait until we have had a few more practice runs and subscribe to our utube channel so you can see our drone adventures!

Have you ever used a drone? Let us know in the comments below.

    • Thanks for dropping by Katie, I am looking forward to using it and getting some great footage once we have practiced some more!

    • I would agree with that I can not wait till we get the hang of it and take it around where I live to capture the beauty of the Northern Beaches.

    • My Hubby wanted one for a while, now he just has to look after it as it wasn’t cheap. They have so many types now available, small ones which would be perfect for the kids 🙂

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