The filming of Bannished at Manly Dam

This year we were lucky to have a chance to explore a movie set that is filming a new seven part series entitled Banished, in our very own hometown at Manly Dam.

A bit of a background to the movie:

This landmark 7-part series, entitles Banished, is set in 1788, soon after the arrival of the First Fleet into Sydney Cove. It is inspired by real events and characters, and has been written by the award-winning screenwriter Jimmy McGovern (Redfern Now, Accused, The Street, Cracker).

Manly Dam – with its unique bushland setting – is taking a staring role, standing in for Sydney Cove as it was in 1788. The stuctures that you will see in my photos had been carefully researched and designed to be authentic (but somewhat smaller) interpretation of the original camp.

This TV series will be broadcast in 2015 on BBC First and on BBC2 in the UK.

The First section we came across was a couple of tents and a hut:






The second part of the dam was where they had built the colony settlement. it really gave you a feel for the times and what they lived in.



A pile of oyster shells


This was like a smoking oven

IMG_2326Some basket weaving

IMG_2336IMG_2334IMG_2340IMG_2344The Gallows

IMG_2342IMG_2343IMG_2341IMG_2335IMG_2357 IMG_2359 IMG_2361 IMG_2350 IMG_2354 IMG_2356

I really liked the chance to explore and get a feel for those times, and how hard it would of been. It’s a shame they have now pulled it all down as they have finished filming as it would be a great place for kids to learn about our history.

Even John and I got into the act


IMG_2383 IMG_2384 IMG_2386 IMG_2391 IMG_2392


Have you got any places you love to explore because of the history? Let us know in the comments below?

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