The La Luna Exhibition

Energy Producing Art on Australia’s Coast – New Night Sculpture Walk to Illuminate Long Reef Headland

This weekend we thought we would go check out the Sculpture walk along Long Reef Headland.

The curator, Allan Giddy, said the exhibition follows on from Australia’s first solar exhibition Desert Equinox, Held in Broken Hill in 2012.

“La Lune further explores the idea of energy in art, expanding from purely solar, to energy as it is incident on site in any form. Our fantastic venue on the northern beaches is heavily impacted by energy systems, specifically tidal, solar and wind. Most of the artworks installed physically produce energy, and in these small energy systems the balance of production and load is crucial. In many ways they mirror larger scale energy production in our society, in individual homes, urban centres and countries, as all can be considered closed systems of production and load,” said Mr Giddy.

The actual exhibition doesn’t start till the sun goes down. When we arrived at Long Reef Surf Club to start the 2km walk along the headland to see the sculptures we were flooded with people everywhere, it was so packed. I think everyone on the northern beaches decided to go and check it out the same night as us. There were kids running around everywhere with torches and glow sticks, not sure how their parents kept track of them with so many people everywhere.

The walk was more like a shuffle cause their was so many people, I felt sorry for those people that had a pram, and even those brave enough to take their dogs. I saw one couple having to carry there dog just so it didn’t get trampled on. Below are some of the Sculptures we saw on the walk.


 Housework – Angela Robinson


Illuminatus Botanicus – Thorhammer Beowulf


Aeolian Processes 2 – Chris Meigh-Andrews

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Green Room – Tool Room (Francis Breuillaud-Limondin & Anthony Napoli)

 Solar Wind: Magnus Magnes Magnifique! – Alexandra Byrne


Lost – Peter Woodward Smith


Full Moon – Peter Woodward-Smith

Two Wooden Boats – Peter Cerneaz


All My Children – Helen Sturgess


Loss – Allan Giddy


Condo Roost – Horn and Haywood


Pull – Michael Donohue and Noel McLauglin


Outcast, 2014 – Atanas Djonov


Australian Beauty – Peter Woodward-Smith

Was a lovely night out not too cold thou cause it wasn’t windy some of the sculptures didn’t work. We did come across a random swing set on the beach which apparently wasn’t part of the exhibition. Would of been hard to use as well since the seats were buried in the sand.


Random Swing Set on Long Reef Beach

We survived the walk (just) wasn’t the peaceful walk we were expecting, but was something different to see so was a good night.

Sam x

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