The Never Ending Hair Issue

Have you ever had your partner complaining about your hair being everywhere. I have no idea how it happens.

For some apparent reason it seems to be the number one complaint in my household.



They say on average a person loses 50-100 hairs per day, but I do seem to have a lot more than this especially when I wash my hair. I now go out on the balcony to brush my hair after washing it, to try and lesson the hairs flying around the unit. Even vacuuming each week doesn’t stop them, there is always more.

I used to get away with it cause of the cat fur, but now Kira (our precious cat) is no longer with us I have no one else to blame. It even seems to wrap itself around your toes and I have seen John nearly choking cause he has managed to swallow one of my hairs.

You would not tell by looking at me that I lose that much hair cause I have so much of it, really thick its deceiving. Apparently its totally normal to lose that many, so why does it seem like they are everywhere.

Even in my car they appear and fly around when the windows are down.

And what about the Hair Band? Does your hair bands just disappear?


Don’t get me started on Hair Bands, where in the world do they end up going. I buy a packet of hair bands from the supermarket, always use a couple of them out of the packet then a few weeks down the track, you can not find any of them. They must be hiding out with the missing sock that never comes out of the washing machine.

So you have a hair issue at home with yourself or a family member, or is it straight out the pets fault, let us know in the comments below!

  1. Oh my gosh I loved this, I was like yes, yes, and yes! I had to follow you on Twitter after reading this post as it really made me smile! Found you on Niche Aussie Bloggers. I just posted a hair post too, funny.
    I loose so much hair, when I condition my hair and run my hand through my hair I get so much hair. My two daughters have really long hair and that goes everywhere too. My puppy is non shedding so we cannot blame her lol. My husband can’t believe how much hair I loose, but I guess it’s normal. Great post!

    • Thanks Mackenzie, so good to hear I am not alone, it amazes me how much we can loose. I will check out your blog xx

  2. Haha. Amazing.
    Ladies you are not alone in anyway. I live with my surf dude bro (hair to match the reason I mention) he makes Rob Machado look bald. And he sheds like a husky! My girlfriend is also the same and in fairness my beard sheds an amount that when I first grew it out worried me. Haha
    But it turns out your right it really is normal and on the scale not actually a lot. And it happens to us all and everywhere. You only need have visited a few urinals to be aware that it ain’t just hair of the head that seems to be spilling out and working its way into the most unpleasant of situations. I’ve seen urinal plugs looking worse than our shower after my gf and my bro have used it back to back.
    Nice mental images all round I’m sure. Apologies.
    So if you can’t beat em join em, get your man to grow his own perpetrator!

    Great blog, used to live on the northern beaches, made the decision to take it back to the motherland. Not sure my best move but hey! Your blog keeps me there in spirit! 🙂

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