The Royal Easter Show

Wow after more than 20 years since John and I have been, and visited the Royal Easter Show. Good to see not much has changed from the good old Moore Park Easter Show days.

My MUST see was the Baby animal farm, cause really how could you not love the baby farm animals. I loved the fact that they had them all roaming free and running around, you had to make sure that you didn’t walk on any of them. Watching the joy on the children’s faces as they take it all in is priceless.

Wool pavillion

We went and visited the Milking Barn, those cows were huge, then dropped in to check out the wool/sheep shed, those lambs were so cute.

And how about the food stalls, cheese on stick, waffle dog, John and I were not that brave and settled for a hamburger, which really didn’t taste the best and left us both wondering how long they had actually been sitting there for.

We went and explored the Dinosaur Adventure, now this was really cool and could imagine my nephews loving it.

Dino  10169414_10152059871362196_1084902585552330350_n

We didn’t conqueror any rides, they were way too expensive for us, but wow the looked really good, some way to crazy for me. We then headed to the show bag pavilion to collect the show bags for ourselves, friends and family members, wow the choices. You could walk around for hours figuring out what you want, lucky I had a list.

Overall was a great day, thou don’t think I would go back again until we have some kidlets to take along with us!

Did you go to the Royal Easter Show this year, what was your favourite thing to do there?

Sam x

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