The Sydney Seige

Such a horrible event that occurred in Martin Place, Sydney yesterday. My thoughts are with the families and their loved ones of the victims.

Sydney Seige



At 9.45am yesterday it started in the Lindt Cafe with innocent victims who were just going along with their normal everyday routine. Radio reports, TV reports were fixed on the location all day and all night. Traffic was turned into Chaos due to road closures in the city and the Sydney transport system was tested. It would just bring tears to your eyes and a sickness in your stomach to think of the poor innocent victims and what they were going through.

I have to commend our fantastic Police Force, Ambulance, Fireman and SES workers, they did a fantastic job in keeping the situation under control. When it could’ve been so much worse. The transport system was fantastic and managed to get workers  away from the city and the exclusion zone. Mike Baird was also fantastic yesterday with the Police Commissioner, they really deserve a pat on the back.

To think that one individual can even threaten another person yet a whole cafe full of innocent people. Those poor victims that were locked in there for hours and hours on end not being able to know what the outcome would be. I felt for them yesterday and of course more so today, once all the truth was uncovered about the suspect.

Yesterday it was all talk over the media about how this was a Terrorist attack and some type of attack which made all the media go crazy and report things which weren’t necessarily true to the public. Also was quick to make people judge and form opinions on our muslim community. Social Media was going off with unpleasant comments from people.  I would never hold a religion responsible for one individual’s actions, especially in this situation. Do we hold all catholics responsible for what the priests did to children all those years ago, of course not.

This was one man that had many problems an unfortunately due to our justice system was able to be free and commit such a horrible scene yesterday instead he should have been behind bars.

I have to say it was fantastic to see the #illridewithyou take over social media and the comfort for the Muslim community in knowing that a majority of Australia’s see a bigger picture and that we are all here for one another no matter the religion, culture or beliefs.

#illridewith you

It was very emotional today hearing from those hostages that were inside and released and also to the families that have lost a loved one. I pray and hope to not ever see something like this again in our country.  It also makes you aware that we need more to be done for Mental Health in Australia to try and prevent incidents like this occurring. We need to make sure we raise the issues of Mental Health and help people deal with this without them feeling alienated.


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The tributes of flowers being left in Martin Place, just shows how many people have been affected and had their hearts touched by this disaster.

RIP to Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson and loving thoughts go out to your family and friends.

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