Time just gets the better of you!

I find it amazing that every year seems to go faster and faster, I can not believe that it is September already, like where has the past nine months gone. I planned on writing a blog post every week but it seems that some weeks just get away from me and I just don’t get the chance.

The past couple of weeks I have had some virus which came and then went away and then appeared again end of last week, it just hasn’t been nice. I hate being sick and having to cancel arrangements I have made, it feels like I am letting people down. Sitting in doctors waiting rooms for hours on end to see the doctor while in the mean time surrounded by other germ infected people (that is the worst).

But it’s a new week and it’s Spring, I am feeling so much better than I have the past few weeks.

I have come to realise a few things lately about myself, I was never much a worrier growing up, I didn’t let things bother me or get to me and just rolled on with the punches.  You could say I was a very relaxed, chilled person.


Wow how things change, I find the more I get older the more I seem to worry about things and stress about things that really are out of my control and I really shouldn’t even waste the energy on them.  I can get myself so worked up that I feel physically sick, which is not good.

I know I need to not let things get to me so easy or affect me, which can be hard when it involves people you really care about. I have a lot going on at the moment and I may in the future write about it, but now I am just trying to deal with it all as best as I can. I know life is way too short to be concentrating on the crappy stuff and we should all make the most out of the life we have.

Have you got any good relaxation tips or ways to distress yourself, let us know in the comments below?

  1. Time does just seem to fly by! I know what you mean about stressing ourselves sick! But I try to remember the sovereignty of God in all things and to enjoy everything I’m doing, whether it’s scrubbing a toilet or cooking or lounging around. If I can approach work activities with a relaxed attitude, I’m much more likely to be relaxed in general. I hope that helps!

  2. I totally know this feeling! Worrying is very weakening to the mind and body! I find myself worrying about the craziest things! My tips are reading a book whether motivational or just fictional book. It gets my mind away from thing troubles of the world and takes me into a brighter feel its a great feeling! Btw the times are really going quick ahhh I dont like it but I try to take each day at a time and really embrace it for as it is!

    Jasmine 🙂

    • Thanks Jasmine, I am actually trying to read a self help book at the moment, but its been there for about 6 months now, I am hopeless at trying to find the time for just me to sit and relax and read, I will have to make more of an effort.

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