Twilight at the Zoo

I love that we can go see live music at Taronga Zoo, in the summer seasons they always have their Twilight at the Zoo. With a number of fantastic bands you can go see live.

The venue is outstanding with the backdrop of Sydney Harbour and in the setting of Taronga Zoo.

One of my favourite bands is John Butler Trio, so when I saw they were playing at Twilight I had to buy tickets.


Yesterday was horrible as far as the weather was concerned it was over 50km winds and raining on and off. By the time John and I decided to catch a bus to the venue, the rain had gone but the wind was still crazy. We were praying that the rain would hold off.

We arrived at the venue and walked down to the lawns were the concert was being held and found a great spot we could set up our picnic blanket and settle in for the music. I also had a girlfriend that was going with a group of her friends so I was looking forward to catching up with her.

And by luck, we saw each other as she had forgotten to take her phone and with all the hundreds of people there it was by chance she found us. which was great cause we had enough room to move over so they could join us!


The atmosphere and vibe was really friendly, everyone there to enjoy the music and have a good time. The music was fantastic, we hadn’t ever seen John Butler Trio live, they did not disappoint. Such talent! The way John plays his guitar’s was amazing. They had plenty of food options if you wanted to buy dinner and licensed bars to buy your drinks! We took our own snacks to save costs.


By the end of the night most people were up and dancing and enjoying themselves, it was a shame it had to finish!


If you get a chance I would highly recommend you go see a band at twilight you can check out there line up here, thou most events are now sold out:


The rain held off the whole night which was fantastic, when the concert finished we headed up to the front gates to get a bus home, there was no busses and the one taxi that was there was already booked. It was just buy chance that a VW Combi was there and had a Manly sticker on the back. John asked if they were heading our direction and if we could grab a lift with them. They were so it all worked out perfectly we managed to score a lift home with some really nice people.

Have you got a favourite venue to see bands? Let us know in the comments below?

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