Welcome 2015, Farewell 2014

Wow we finally made it to 2015, now how was 2014 for you!

2014 Recap:

I have to say 2014 really wasn’t the best year for me. We have had a lot of sadness the past year. It really makes you appreciate the good things.

IMG_2243It has been really tough losing my Father In-Law this year, not only was he John’s father but he was also one of John’s best mates. An as John is an only child it has been extra tough, not having that support from other family members. Especially when it comes to Birthdays and Christmas, which made this past Christmas a tough one for us.

Losing our beloved pet Kira, was also hard for both of us our little furry baby. no cat chasing the christmas tree decorations this Christmas.

Hubby has also had some injuries throughout the year which has made it tough financially for us both. But onwards and upwards, I believe 2015 is going to be our year.

I just had a couple of weeks of work which was so nice to relax and just chill out. My last holiday was the previous Christmas so well over due for a break.

I swam at the beach, caught up with family and friends, took my Nephew to see Big Hero 6 at the movies, did some shopping and drank way too much alcohol.

Christmas Day, John and I just had a nice picnic just the two of us down at Manly Dam, it was nice to just relax and enjoy the day with just us. We have always spent Christmas Day with John’s Dad, so was a tough day for both of us.

Boxing Day we had a lovely Christmas Lunch with my family, my Mum, My Sister Kelly, My Sister Nic with her Hubby Craig and her adorable three daughters. It was a really nice lunch with BBQ Chicken, Pork, Turkey, Ham, and salads. Then my fantastic fruit platter I created for dessert.

New Years Eve we headed down to Manly to see the 9pm Fireworks, we actually walk up to Fairlight and watch it from the ocean front. Pole position with them straight in front of us, it was really good really family orientated, with heaps of kids around. We had an adorable little girl next to us and she was so excited every firework that went off, I loved hearing her gasp and comment. How we appreciate things as a child.


After the fireworks we headed home as we planned on just watching the midnight fireworks from our rooftop balcony. Our plans soon changed and we decided to walk around to my Dad’s house (15 min walk from our place) and count down to midnight with him and my step mum. We played some pool which I can gladly state that John and I won, besides the fact we were playing with really intoxicated people, it still counts as a win.

I have to admit I was so hungover the next day and even the day after New Years Day I still felt hungover. Not very often I drink that much alcohol.

But wow did the time fly before I new it I am back at work again, ready to take on 2015 and all its challenges.

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy 2015!

I have a feeling this is going to be a good year for John and I, I am going to start 2015 with a positive attitude and make sure we have no negative energy around us. Focus on the good things and not on the negative. If you have no control over something then don’t let it bother you.

Have you got any New Years Resolutions?

How was your 2014?

Tell us in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!



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