When you least expect it!

Last week was one of the worst weeks ever for me, John and I have a lot going on and last week was the week to tell us if we could breath and move on with our lives or if we were going to live a continued nightmare for who knows how long.

To top of last week I was made redundant on the Monday. If things could not get worse to come into work and work the entire day and then be told at 4:55pm that you have been made redundant.


I was devastated, loved my job and the people I worked with so took me most of last week to get my head around it. It’s funny how you realise who your actual friends at work are the ones that contact you to make sure you are alright and to let you know they will miss you at work.  I will miss some really great people, the type of people you can have a laugh at work with as well as an ear to listen to you when you need to offload.

I felt physically sick last week with stress and anxiety, I couldn’t eat or sleep or switch my brain off, which was so frustrating. It wasn’t until Sunday that I felt like I could breathe again.

Positives I have realised is now is the time for me to concentrate on my own business and working for myself. No longer having to work your arse of for someone else’s pockets getting full and knowing the work you put in is what you will get out of it for yourself. I am looking forward to a new challenge and using my 20+ years experience to build my own business.

I also have more time to spend on my blog and get out and about and share with you what a great place I live in.







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