Winter is coming

Those who know me well, know that I hate cold weather, I mean I get it we have to have winter but it always seems so grey and gloomy to me.  I often say I need to go North for the Winter and hang up in the Northern Territory or Top end of Queensland.

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My preferred perfect weather

I don’t mind it raining at night but in the daytime it just disrupts my day! yep my day! Like I want to get wet getting in and out of the car. The traffic is horrendous cause for some reason when it rains no one seems to know how to drive. Everyone’s moods seem to be down and everyone is gloomy like the weather outside. It’s amazing how different moods are when the sun is out and shining!

I know that the cold weather here is nothing like it gets overseas in Europe and the US, but for me it’s cold enough. Bring me the 30 degree weather any day! I just can’t seem to adapt to the coldness.

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I have only ever seen snow once in my entire life, and that was back at school, not really my ideal choice of a holiday destination going to the snow and freezing my arse off. John and I have talked about it and one day we will do a snow trip, we would look at going to New Zealand for a snow trip, heaps better than here in Australia and cheaper to do a week at the snow in NZ than to book it here. We would have to have a log fire that’s for sure.

My main mission will be to build a snowman, yep simple as that a snowman. Have never done it and have always wanted to so that will be at the top of my list.


What is your favourite season of the year? Are you a winter or a summer person?

  1. Can you be both? I love the warmth of the sun on my skin, not having to wear too many layers and going to the beach, having a surf, the flowers in my garden and camping in the bush. However, when the cold weather hits there is nothing more exhilarating than sliding down a snow covered slope at great speed, making you feel as free as a bird, viewing the world from above the clouds. Agreed, rain should only be allowed during the quietest of hours (and never in snow covered areas). Rain makes the cold much colder, 5 degrees feels freezing…but minus 5 is not so bad, for the frost takes the moisture from the air whilst creating magical white sculptures everywhere! Today is wet and cold in Melbourne, but all snow lovers are smiling inside, feeling that exited tingle in their tummies knowing nature is preparing our playground that will reopen on Queens Birthday weekend. Yes, Winter is coming, whohooo!

    • Yes you can be both. I am sure one day I’ll get to experience sliding down a slope and my mind may be changed. But sitting on a beach on a hot summer day still tops it for me!

  2. I am 100% a summer person. Here in South China we don’t get much of a winter at all, especially not compared to where I lived in the USA, but was still really happy when the sunshine and hot temperatures came back! I hope you survive your winter without too much shivering!

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